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Emily Post's Etiquette Indexed by Peggy Post 16th Edition 1997 Hardcover
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Condition: Very Good
ISBN-10: 0062700782
ISBN-13: 9780062700780
Author: Peggy Post, Emily Post
Publication Year: 1997
Language: English
Format: Book
Educational Level: Trade

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Earlier in this century people turned to Emily Post for etiquette advice about the way they lived in the rapidly changing age known as the Roaring Twenties. As we prepare to enter a new millennium people continue to turn to Emily Post for advice on etiquette and manners. While etiquette remains a code ofbehavior based on kindness, consideration and unselfishness that does not change, our manners, the practice of etiquette, must change as our world changes. The world of today is both vasdy different and astonishingly the same as the world Emily Post herself knew. Seventy-five years after Emily Post wrote her groundbreaking book, Peggy Post, her great-grand-daughter-in-law, has thoroughly revised and updated Emily Post's Etiquette to take us into the next century. The hallmarks that define Emily Post's Etiquette as an indispensable resource remain: the correct table-setting for an intimate dinner party of eight, the proper response to a formal third-person invitation, and of course, all the details of planning a wedding. But in a world where our neighbors and coworkers are as likely to come from the other side of the globe as the other side of town, changes both subde and radical are necessary in our manners. In addition to a chapter devoted to doing business internationally, readers find not only advice for visiting those from other cultures living in our country, but also guidance on wearing ethnic clothing when traveling in other countries. Previous editions have explained the traditions of Christianity and Judaism but now for the first time readers learn about birth and death ceremonies of Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism. Sports participants who used to read only about the etiquette of golf, tennis, skiing and sailing, now learn about in-line skating and snowboarding as well.
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